Google Play not able to download any apps (Google Installer)

Ok, so I updated from 4.5.5A to 5.1.8A!

Everything went smoothly and marshmallow seems WAY faster than its predecessor, which is always welcome. But now I’m facing a Google Play problem. I can’t download any apps, always getting the error “Can’t download app” (Error relating information from the server [DF-DLA-15].

This is really annoying and I have no idea how to fix it… Does anyone know what’s happening?

Thanks in advance

Ok, so after some online searching and lots of frustration, the solution was easier than expected.
After installing google play from the Google Installer just go to settings and choose another option for updating your apps. I had chosen “Only update via wi-fi”. Then I changed it to always update via wi-fi and network data". After that I could download again. AND you can also go back to “only update via wi-fi” now!

Hop this helps! Cheers!

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