Games aren't smooth


It has been 3 months since I have my m2 note, Since the time I did not play big greedy games, except for now and then the arrived of pokemon go, I installed it of course. The game is not fluid, the menus are slow as well as the animations of pokemons… I nevertheless put the mode performance but it’s affect not at all the performances…

I saw a video of a guy playing it above and the game is fluid…

The telephone is not rather powerful? Or then mine has a problem?

Meizu Pro 6

it’s not the m2 note it’s the game that’s unsmooth install the latest version of pokemon niantic just added and it will work perfect

I thinks it’s mine, beacause my friend got a Samsung Galaxy Core (1Go Ram, CPU 1,2Ghz, Android 4.2) and the game is smooth… I thinks it’s maybe FlyMe ?


Another factor could be firmware upgrades. After a time the device will slow down, due to the dirty flashes, then you should reinstall the firmware with clear data option and all should work fine again.

How i can reinstall the firmware ?

I did a hard reset (clear data and restor to factory) but it’s the same with pokemon…

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