Reset password Meizu MX2 locked on Flyme account

I bought an meizu mx2 second hand,it worked very good but after when I connected it to wifi it was lock on flyme account.
I tried vol up + power , it doesn’t enter in any menu :( only restart and restart.

what can I do to reset the phone or remove the account ?
It is any way to reflash it without have acces in the phone ?

You need the password to unbind your phone from the Flyme account. You need to ask the seller for the password, because you can’t remove the lock without it.

I bought it from internet something like ebay , but I think this phone was stolen :(


@‘dfani511’ said:

I bought it from internet something like ebay , but I think this phone was stolen :(

I think eBay has something where you can return the phonr and get back your money if you feel it is stolen… If the seller is not able to give you the password to unbind you should contact ebay…


There’s not a way to erase an account out of Flyme, but there are eBay policies:

1. Reach out to your seller:
Tell him the item is not functioning properly and ask for the password.
Wait a couple days and if he doesn’t respond, move to the next step.

2. Issue a refund (or a partial refund if you want to keep the phone) and/or contact eBay support by opening a case. Tell them the phone can’t be used without the password and the buyer is not willing to provide it and therefore the phone is likely to be stolen property. Selling stolen goods on eBay is of course strongly prohibited. Also, show them documentation - for example a screenshot that the phone is locked to an account - and that the owner isn’t giving you the password.

3. Either get the password or your money back! :) Also accounts selling stolen property will be banned from eBay.

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