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hey mates i just want to ask which firmware of the mx4 pro you do like best because i think these flyme 5 firmwares offer a great design and also cool new features which are also quite important (notifications on the lockscreen etc) but the only things disturbing me are the bugs and the fact that every firmware has new other ones. so do you like flyme 4 or 5 better and which specific one is the most stable/bugfree one ? should i downgrade from flyme 5 ? (im on the latest stable btw)

Thanks for your opinions :)

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Meizu MX4 Pro

what “bugs” are you reffering to? i am using and i dont think i can spot any bugs. plus battery life is pretty good, even if on a previous update the standby was way better

for me “stable” flyme 5 was terrible with the network and battery life (tried 5.1.6 and 5.1.7
my phone couldnt survive one day with 3g active
i think this was happening because the reception was bad

now i am on 4.2 and phone lasts 2 days with active 3g
sleeps better for sure
also camera is better on flyme 4

from people reporting on 4pda lots of them say that best are 4.2.8 and 4.5.7

waiting for some real stable flyme 5 with good camera

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@Mite-Janev thx so in your opinion i should downgrade? To or better to 4.5.7?

@mx4pro Try it by yourself an make your proper opinion about it I think it’s the best things to do :)

@mx4pro my recommendation are those
i have downgraded already and i am waiting for good flyme 5 version with good feedback

whatever firmware you put just monitor with cpy spy the deepsleep state and check the network reception
if it is bad that will activate some of google services that will discharge your battery very fast

4.2 is android 4.4
4.5 is android 5.0

your call both firmwares are really stable

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Meizu MX4 Pro

@Mite-Janev so have you now upgraded to flyme 5? my phone lay on my desk for a while beacuse its broken but now ill repair it and im not up to date about news arround meizu etc, just want to know wether i should upgrade again because ive done a factory reset already and now i have the choise which firmware i want to take

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