Meizu M2 doesn''t turns on after this failed "downgrade"


I upgraded to FlymeOS 5.1 and then reverted to old 4.5 by changing the names (have the both firmwares installed on the device),

After the 'downgrade", the phone doesn’t turns on, it keeps on loading the Flyme logo (waited it for over than two hours).



@alboz you simply ended up in a bootloop.
To solve it boot into recovery by pressing Volume Up + Power. As the device is stuck at the Flyme logo, you need to hold the power button until the device restarts itself and then press the above given combo.
You then can connect your device to a PC and put the onto it (Flyme 4 or 5 one) and then you have to tick “Clear user data”, which will wipe all your apps. Now just wait for the installation to finish and thats it. For more check the Wiki.

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