Meizu M2 flymeOS upgrade

Hey, im having problems updating to this version.
I was using flyme 5.1.7, the latest, and i downloaded and tried to install 5.1.8, but everytime that menu appears while updating that says clear data or upgrade, he loads the checking firmware bar, and then the upgrade bar and it goes back to the menu O.o and i tried to keep doing it but just doesnt work, and i cant clear data because i have a lot of things i cant save. the thing is, i decided to click restart and it went back to flyme os 5.1.4 if im not wrong, and i cant install anything either aps or google play, i cant open gallerie, i cant copy files from data to sd card, i basicly cant do anything and i need to have this files saved otherwise i will lose them and its about 1000 files. any idea how to upgrade this?


@EAGLEX first of all topic moved.
Please read before you post and do not simply spam your topic somewhere.

Do the firmware upgrade with clear data, it will only delete your apps, but not for example their savegames, your music, photos and everything else. It will just delete the APK’s.
Otherwise I see no other chance for you to fix it.

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