data usage alert

hi, anyone know how to remove the data usage alert without the security app? (which I removed)


@eoeo nope. It is necessary to re-enable it. But, did you tried to click the info maybe? This could allow you to open the data settings and so remove the notification.

I can’t enable it, I uninstalled it and don’t want to install it again. When I press on the alert nothing happens. Thanks


Kinda sucks then. I tried to locate it in the /system folder and actually think it is located in the priv-app folder, but I cannot tell which APK exactly. Maybe try to freeze them one by one by using Titanium Backup.

Sorry, didn’t understand. What do you mean by “it” and “them”? And what is the system and priv-app folders?

Ok, solved. Installed the security app (i have the apk), turned off data monitoring, and uninstalled the security app. The data usage alert disappeared. Thanks for the effort Rey, have a nice weekend.

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