Meizu EP51 cannot pair


Today I wanted to pair this earphones with my phone over bluetooth, I switched on earphones, for one second blue led showed and nothing, I cannot see earphones in list of bluetooth devices.

I tried to connect to usb for charging, again red light showed so I thought that battery is charging, but after 10 second red light turned off so I thing battery is fully charged.

Please what can be problem ? Thank you


Hey @Andrej-Hlubocký,

I would try to let the headphones load for something around 20-30 minutes (should be enough that they have some juice).
Then I would try to connect them again.

Hmm maybe read the manual ?
If you get brand new EP51 they have not paired to a device, so they will be in set up mode and blink blue and red.
If they have already paired to a device after turn on they blink blue only…
To get em to pairing mode again, you need to hold down the power button untill the EP51 start to blink red and blue.

I got em my self and sold my 1st set to a coleage that had the same issue.

Can not pair with a BlueSoleil bluetooth 4.0 micro dongle to my PC.
The pairing lights on the Meizu blink and the dongle identifies 4 bluetooth devices - yet no pairing!

Meizu m3s

Hold down the power button untill the EP51 start to blink red and blue? Have you tried connecting it with another device (phone or another pc with bluetooth?). It may just be a faulty device (meizu or dongle)

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