Issue: Native Caller does not search company directory

I bought Meizu Pro 5 and with its OEM Flyme everything worked fine.
I mean when I open caller application and search for a contact, it searched through all my google contacts AND searched through my company directory (my company uses google apps for email, docs and contacts).
After upgrading to 5.1.6, native caller stop showing company directory, however other caller still can do such search. Any thoughts?


@Vitaliy are you sure that the company account is syncing?
Which firmware do you use by the way? A or G?

Hi, yes, company account is syncing, and TrueContacts app is able to search through the contacts from company directory. But native dialer - cannot, it even does not show that such directory exists (previously it shew it in a separate pane)

I’m using Flyme which came through the air.

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