Meizu MX4 PRO Black Screen but its responding and when i use it on the computer


I have a meizu mx4 pro and i have a problem with the screen it doesnt turn on to show the Meizu logo and other stuff, but still i can see it opening and it also vibrates when i try to open or when i try to enter on recovery mode… Screen is still black and when i connect it on my computer it opens the files and when i try open recovery mode still conected on computer it still opens a recovery folder on my PC.

Some days ago it just turn off the screen and i manage after 30 minutes of using the power + volume up buttons to turn it back on. This happened for about 4-5 times the on the rest 4 days until it managed to not open at all untill now as i spoke before about the problem i have now.

Is it possible to fix it? and is not Bricked?
I think i can press the buttons when i am on recovery mode to do a hard reset even with a black screen but i need a guide with pictures and how many times to press the volume down and then the power button.
PS.: i just tried to remove the battery but i don’t know what else it needs except of remove the cable behind the battery.

Any help would be appreciated!

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