Flyme OS stable (MX4)


  • Optimization: Optimization of long shots algorithm to improve the success rate of splicing continue happily bask in the sun in the circle of friends.
  • Optimization: Split Screen adaptation more third-party applications, third-party applications to join welcome more split-screen luxury package.

Set up

  • New: Large Icons Desktop Switch (path: Settings - personalized), icons larger or smaller up to you to decide.


  • New: “International traffic” buy entrance, go around the world and to be happy to bask a circle of friends.
  • Added: Contact “job” of information, no longer afraid to forget other duties due to embarrassment.
  • New: Long press the call record copy number, which is so easy in this life.

Lock screen

  • NEW: lock screen bright screen anti inadvertently function, since not afraid of accidentally dialed the telephone ex-girlfriend.
  • Optimization: Speed ​​camera startup screen lock case, in time to capture the beautiful moments.


  • New: Sticker function, take a look at how to use magic sticker to develop brain-dong.
  • Optimization: the edited image as a new image, the original image is no longer afraid of being covered.


  • Optimization: SMS menu, click on the bubble flow charge, charge calls to jump directly to the Meizu top-page, ah ah ah ~ just do not be too easy.

File Management

  • Added: Video Classified increase QQ and micro-channel small video catalog, all the little videos are all in my hands.

User Help

  • User feedback helps users to upgrade.
  • New: Add user help topics, recommended reading, popular feedback modules, these modules is enough for me to play one day.
  • New: Add a fast feedback to improve the efficiency of the feedback, select an existing problem, do not repeat edit.
  • Added: Support Submit Feedback camera picture is to do so extreme.
  • Added: Support feedback again submit pictures, and then add, do not miss.
  • Optimization: Optimization of Home content recommendation, you want to see all here.
  • Optimization: Optimization of feedback and submit records show that you have submitted the information at a glance.


  • New: Sync notes, personal feelings of the sentence can be long-term preservation.
  • Added: Support for open PDF file, the weather is so hot, I stay at home and read a good.
  • New: Long press to highlight text and annotation support, the whole book has you passing mark.
  • New: half of the zone, zone and other special triple module, just enough to stay by a few days this spiritual food.
  • New: This week smooth read, limited free classics, popular serial, Wishing Wall and other free modules, make a wish, maybe it really is realized.


  • Optimization: camera experience, improve the speed camera, faster than a little bit, used to know.

Voice assistant

  • Optimization: Search by voice into the page, touch mBack return voice assistant APP, you can continue to the next instruction stream.

Notification bar

  • FIX: When the charge level display is not accurate, fair trade, the number of how many.
  • FIX: momentary switch data traffic, real-time network rate notification bar display inaccurate. Once upon a man named “display inaccurate” things, then it is dead.
  • FIX: After receiving the message unlock, pull down the notification bar, the message is deleted. Come back come back yo ~ ~ those messages are eaten notification bar.


  • Yellow Pages under repair English language editing a contact state does not pop input method, useful input as late lover, there will always be da.
  • Repair ( yellow) to modify the number of error-correcting bad name, the icon displays an error, the line does not change its name, never change, it should be a principled boy.

Lock screen

  • Fix: Other third-party applications caused by abnormal lock screen, report! Exception has been eliminated, continue to feel at ease.
  • FIX: Lock screen can not turn off the alarm, turn off the alarm in time, sleep five minutes.


  • Gallery: Photo page thumbnails blurred. Thumbnail should be halal.

Phone Guardian

  • Fix: the timing of entry and exit points are not allowed to leisure traffic, in addition to summer watermelon, air conditioning and WiFi, but also leisure traffic punctual.


  • FIX: answer an incoming call during playback of video, video replay sound automatically become larger, longer afraid of the baby scared.
  • FIX: flash back ads appear during playback, so that ad is no longer again.

File Management

  • FIX: File management password to enter the lock area will flash back, annoying flash back goodbye, not ever again coming.


  • FIX: charging the phone warms.

Flyme OS

Flyme OS

This time the stable rom is good for me:medal:

no Problems with updating Apps via Google Play Store? How are Push Notifications?

Facebook, Viber and FB messenger are OK with push notifications. Google play work also!!

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Does anyone have Instagram? If yes it is keeping crashing in this version ?

Instagram work fine also with this rom.

Did you have crashing problems on previous firmwares?

Meizu MX4

Does the “Performance Mode” work on your devices? I thought in stable versions of Flyme “Performance Mode” could be enabled, but after running an Antutu test I managed to get only 42.000 points. Thank you in advance for your answer.

Does anyone have problem with MX4 Fullpower app? Its stoping working after few minutes, and when games lags

This version is pretty good, Instagram crashing problem got away, no problem with google, no problem with notifications.
The only letdown is that snapchat is performing rather poorly… Especially when doing some live virtual augmentation videos…
But overall i would say it is the best firmware for me. Keep it up Meizu! :)

@kolakao Yes can confirm that too …The best of all firmwares even the Flyme 4

Is Dirac HD included in this version of firmware? Dirac is the only one reason why I still stay on 4.5.7.

@jimmy_xp Damn meizu… could come back to dirac. I miss it heavily ;/

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