MMS not down/uploading since upgrade

I upgraded to a few weeks ago and am no longer able to send or receive MMS. I get a “download failed” or “failed to send” error message every time.

Have tried every possible trick to setup the APN for my provider without luck. Also tried to upgrade again to beta to no avail. Internet in 4G is working fine.

Any suggestion?

Thanks @Rey! Somehow was only able to download via OTA so tried that but this did not solve the APN issue. Rolled back to in the end, which seems to be working okay so far.

@Horomaniac HI I have the same problem in Did you fix your problem ?

@Jean-Philippe-Proux Bonjour Jean-Philippe ;-), I decided to stick to for now as it works perfectly. 5.1.6 and 5.1.8 would not work so I guess I’ll wait for another firmware update.

I had the same issue with mms (unable to receive the mms after an upgrade to

Clearing all data (factory reset) solved issue for me.

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@meizu123 I did the same thing, it’s OK with MMS, but now I do not have the french language, there are only Chinese and English. Maybe I should install version G for the french, but my phone is a Chinese phone, I have to transform in international fashion because at the moment it told me that the firmware is corrupted if I try installing version G :(

@Jean-Philippe-Proux Just transform your phone to international,it’s super easy,follow the 1st method…
I suggest that you put rom

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@geotzia Hi, I’m on and I can not find menu to enable root :(, there is not “fingerprint and security” in meizu M2
Thanks for your help.

@Jean-Philippe-Proux Did you tried to root with kingroot?

@geotzia said in MMS not down/uploading since upgrade:


unfortunately kingroot tell me “root strategy unavailable” on my M2 mini

@Jean-Philippe-Proux So maybe the best solution then is to downgrade but i don’t know how you do that,you must to search for it

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