Meizu mx5 - finger print sensor is not working

I have purchased Meizu MX5 16GB (silver black) from your online retail partner on 12-Oct-2015 with Order ID: 8976573946
In less than a year, it started showing several annoying problems.

  1. Loading Contacts, dialer list has become worse of all and it literally takes about 2 minutes. The same happens with messages search functionality as well.
  2. My phone’s finger print scanner (home button) stopped working. I cannot use the home button to go back to previous page/screen. I had to hard press the home button to close the applications and return to home page.

I wanted to return and replace my device as the product is still within the warranty period.

Please advise on the procedure to go ahead and claim for replacement.

After exchanging several mails with ‘’ I have realised that these guys do not know anything except to send a standard automated response as below:
Dear Customer,
Thanks for supporting MEIZU.
We are sorry for the inconvenience caused. As we can see your handset under repairment process and we are taking follow up on daily basis. We will try to provide your handset asap. Your case has been put on priority.
Request you to wait patiently and trust Meizu.

Have a nice day!

Can someone here help me to raise this concern to relevant people in Meizu so that I will get my devise serviced and returned to me at the earliest. It has been about 20 days I have submitted my phone with the service centre. They have not provided me any alternative phone and they do not have any estimated date by when it is going to be delivered to me.


I do not even understand what Meizu means in their reply.
If I understand them right your device is already in their service center.

The only thing you can do as of now is wait another 10 days (sucks, I know).
If you have no replacement until then you should try to get your money back as you will have no chance at all to compete with Meizu.
They will simply ignore or block you or even try to manipulate your website if you write negative about them (like it happened to us).

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