How to uninstall xposed?

Hi i just installed xposed on my meizu m2 note and just noticed that i cant log in to snapchat because of xposed… Snapchat is now blocking login for devices with xposed. I cant uninstall it because meizu dont have recovery restart mode and i need to flash uninstall zip… I tried to use apps to flash that uninstall zip but nothing helped me…
How to uninstall that xposed or maybe some1 know how to login snapchat without uninstalling xposed?

Please help.

Thanks! :)

P. S sry for bad english :)

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@gpx1337 Hello,

What do you mean with “Meizu don’t have recovery restart”.

-> Q: Did you remove your recovery? If so reflash it?

@Ultrametric how to reflash? And how to start recovery mode?:D when i press up botton and turn on button when turning on phone , i see only wipe data or update button… And im runing last flyme Global ver. So i cant update .
Sry im noob in all this stuff.


@gpx1337 Read this:

And use the manual upgrade method,

Select clear data.
It will remove your data and create a “fresh & new” Meizu m2.

@gpx1337 Wich firmware did you put on the root ?

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