Can i update to Flyme version from


I just got my m2 note and although i really like it, i was kinda disappointed by all the bloatware in the A version of flyme.

It’s my first time using a mobile with flyme and being stuck with an old nokia for a long time i’m not really used to rooting devices or even upgrading them, so i’m a bit scared of doing something rush.

So my questions are:

  1. Can i update to a G version from an A version without rooting or any other special process?
  2. Can i get rid off all the Chinese bloatware in the G version?
  3. Is version problematic or is it ok to update to?

Thank you, and sorry for the long post and my many noobish questions


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  1. You need to use the transformation guide. So no, you can’t do it without any special procedure.
  2. Define “bloatware”. G firmwares are crippled firmwares without Flyme features. But yes, if you mean the chinese apps, they will be gone (system apps).
  3. Yup.
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