[HOW-TO] Install Xposed on MX3 Flyme 5.6.x

Xposed for Lollpiop and Marshmallow officially need a custom recovery to install. There are a couple of working MX3 custom recoveries out there but I have not tried any of those. So here is a way to install Xposed without custom recovery.


  1. Flyme 5.6.x for MX3
  2. Enable root
  3. Install Google Services from Meizu Appstore - Google Installer by Howie [You can skip this if you want to search and install the SuperSU and Flashfire apk manually]
  4. Install latest SuperSU - SuperSU - Playstore
  5. Install latest Flashfire - FlashFire - Playstore
  6. Make sure your battery is > 75% (Reboot after installing will take a long time)
  7. Read all the instructions and warnings once before starting

Download the following packages:

  1. Xposed - Official XDA thread
    a. Xposed Framework - MX3 needs SDK21-arm - Download
    b. Xposed App - XposedInstaller_3.0_alpha4.apk - Download attachment from thread

Optional (FlymeTools):

  1. Download FlymeTools - Link from 4pda Original post - Original app in appstore - Chinese


  1. Copy all the downloaded packages to the root of your MX3
  2. Make sure SuperSU is setup properly
  3. Start FlashFire and grant root permission
  4. Press ‘+’ button -> Select ‘Flash ZIP or OTA’
  5. Select ‘xposed-v86-sdk21-arm.zip’
  6. Let the default options be as is
  7. Press the Flash key at the bottom
  8. The app will start flashing… The screen will go completely black twice for sometime - Don’t panic and don’t do anything
  9. Phone will restart and 1st boot will take a long time - All your apps will be optimized - Again don’t worry if it takes long time
  10. Install XposedInstaller_3.0_alpha4.apk as usual from the File Browser
  11. [Optional] Install FlymeTools apk
  12. Enjoy!


  1. Backup everything. Any procedure with root is always dangerous
  2. Follow the steps at your own risk. I am NOT responsible for data loss or boot loops or bricked devices
  3. Be very careful what you do with FlashFire - It is capable of bricking your device if you mess up and may not have been tested much with the MX3


  1. This procedure should work for most devices till you get the Xposed Framework package for your device correctly. Read the details properly in the Official XDA thread
    You have to get the correct sdk (depends on the version of android) and the architecture (arm/arm64/x86 - depends on your processor)


  1. rovo89 (XDA): Creator of Xposed
  2. Chainfire (XDA): Creator of SuperSU and Flashfire
  3. Howie - Google Installer for Flyme devices
  4. Original developer of Flyme Tools
  5. Заурик and maksnogin (4pda) - FlymeTools translation
  6. GreyGhost / Myself - For the guide :P
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thank you so much man… It works perfectly. but I have a problem now… I installed framework but I cant login into snapchat now, I think its bcs of Xposed so I need to uninstall it and install it again…
http://dl-xda.xposed.info/framework/uninstaller/ will this do it?
thanks again.

SO it worked.

once again Thank you so much I am so happy now that i got Xposed <3

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