Meizu mx5 bricked,stucked in sustem upgrade/clear data!!

hello to all,i need your help guys.
I bought a meizu mx5 bricked with chinese version,the problem is it is not booting to flyme what ever i tried!
the only option i have, is system upgrade or clear data,i have tried almost all the roms from the site,
and still nothing,when i copy the file into the recovery, it is checking for a few seconds and when it is finish checking, it sais filmware corrupt !! clear data goes again to recovery mode.
i tried with fastboot mode,and it sais FAILED(remote :permission denied!)
can you help?thanks for advance. Uploads/P60722-184421_zpsa2xeylht.jpg.html?sort=3&o=1 Uploads/P60723-221608_zpsnloitdz2.jpg.html?filters[user]=76607608&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=0

Meizu MX4

@alexhats Have you tried the chinese roms or the global ones?

hello,i tried all the roms frome meizufans(stable beta)and from official flyme(in-global),all of them!
and doenst accept anyone.


Can you verify that the is correctly downloaded (md5 sum)?

Also tell us a bit about your device.
Where did you bought it?
If second hand, where did the actual seller had it from?

I personally assume that the device is from eastern europe and there might have a lock. If this is the case do not panic though.

hello,thanks for the reply
the downloaded correctly,i tried many updates files different,for sure over 20-25.
from here (almost all):
i bought the mobile from greece, the guy told me it bricked in the update!
i dont know anythink else of the device.
i believe it was with chinese rom
because the recovery is in half chinese,like in the photo: Uploads/P60722-184421_zpsa2xeylht.jpg.html?sort=3&o=1
every help is appreciated,and sorry for my bad english.

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