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  • Flyme OS test firmware (MX3)


    • Added: increased accessibility Accessibility Options.
    • New: floating plans to increase mute function on incoming call notification.
    • Optimization: Update emoji expression library that supports displaying more emoji expression.


    • New: Added notifications and status bar “quick switch management,” adding VPN, screenshots, mobile hotspot switch.


    • Added: “out of the blacklist” feature.
    • New: Contacts “job” information.
    • Added: Copy number call log Press.
    • Optimization: support Click picture for a larger view.


    • Added: Customer Service assistant accounts, support online chat.
    • Added: Independent online Yellow Pages, online services, one-touch access.
    • Added: Support for floating notification SMS quick reply and copy the code.
    • SMS Card: Smart SMS upgrade, SMS notification class automatically extract key information to generate beautiful clear “message card”.


    • Added: GIF shooting modes, easy homemade face pack.


    • Added: Support for floating notification, to avoid the operation was interrupted.
    • Added: Card multitasking list, long press to lock individual applications.
    • Added: enter 'Finishing icon "mode, shake your desktop neat and quick recovery.
    • New: create the folder, depending on the application type automatically folder named.
    • New: Long press the desktop select “Finishing icon,” batch select an icon to move to a different desktop or folder.
    • Added: multitasking list create split-screen mode, while using two applications, you can adjust the window proportions (only part of the application).


    • Added: calendar notification reminder switch.
    • Added: Support setting off the display past events and denial events.
    • Added: support in the form of invitation to the meeting to share pictures, input optimized guest experience.
    • Optimization: Home Calendar invitation list view, “reject” add underlined, “Pending” gray set.


    • Added: volume control timer.
    • Added: set alarm tone increase “online ringtone” entrance.
    • Added: When you add a new world clock by nationality Search city functions.


    • Added: Weather widget support by automatic color wallpaper color, increased color icon
    • New: Screenshot long way to share detailed weather information.
    • New: direct display of weather information in different cities in urban management interface.
    • Added: Weather warning function to support and friends to share early warning information.


    • Added: offline radio features, WLAN environment to automatically update the music library offline.
    • Added: for love singles, a key roaming similar songs.


    • Added: Video subscriptions, update remind support, easier chase drama.
    • Added: Comments function, support for the comments point Like.
    • Added: Support for the likes of video thumbs.


    • Added: New theme switching capabilities, built-in themes and 12 different fonts plate.
    • New: Added notes search for a more convenient.
    • Added: Share notes in text form.
    • Added: directly into the drawing board graffiti.
    • Added: Support number created automatically when you edit notes.
    • Increase when recording movies Punch.
    • Added: New widget support for quick recordings and photos, notes support show all content.


    • Added: Add Account type by email automatically configure account information.
    • Added: Topic card supports gestures to zoom, browse detail easier.
    • Added: New attachment management function to optimize the display position of message attachments.
    • Optimization: a substantial increase in search speed, highlighted keywords.


    • New: “Tools” App.
    • Flashlight: Support SOS mode and brightness adjustment third gear.
    • Mirror: Supports normal, twist, spin, four symmetrical mirror effect.
    • Compass: Support and latitude and longitude position display.
    • Level: visualize levelness.
    • Shortcut: add support for common tools for the desktop shortcut.

    Input method

    • Added: dropdown candidate word to enhance the speed of the choice of words.
    • Added: Full screen handwriting keyboard input more casual.
    • Added: independent symbols keyboard, keypad lock symbol support continuous input symbols and expressions.
    • Added: enter input method setup interface, choose whether to open the Vibrate on keypress.

    User Center

    • New: Independent User Center App.
    • New user level user rating system, to enhance the level to get more privileges.
    • Profile complementary support supplementary user details.
    • Integral support center exchange gifts, earn points, points lottery.
      Mobile housekeeper
    • Added: Harassment interception to a safe center to support blocking unknown numbers and hidden numbers.
    • Added: garbage cleanup whitelist, app cache, redundant installation package, application uninstall remnants supports adding white list, to avoid false cleanup.
    • Added: regularly clean “scan and clean” option, rubbish more peace of mind.
    • Added: traffic management - setting new “Notification bar shows the flow of information” switch.
    • Added: Mobile acceleration, clean up permanent background, to accelerate the speed of the phone.
    • Added: Quick optimization and a key physical examination, without waiting to enter the interface will be able to know the phone health status, one-click fix all problems.
    • Added: Application washed, support cottage detection applications, eliminate safety hazards.

    Application Store

    • Best application: the best application of the content of cooperation, and the United States found a small application.
    • Apply the label: The application details page to add labels display for easy viewing similar applications.
    • Permissions show: The new application details page shows detailed permissions entrance, to learn detailed application permissions before installing.

    Flyme OS

    Flyme OS


    • Flyme 3 users will have to wipe data and clear their storage. Please backup before upgrading!

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  • how do i Install xposed please? I tried method with Terminal emulator and I got this error: Cant create /proc/self/fd/: Is a directory

  • Finally is coming!!!.. anyone face a big bug?
    Still patient to stable release😃

  • @kelop when you take photo with HDR in Camera app it crashes but photo is taken… havent found anything else really, Snapchat crashes sometimes buts its bcs its shitty app…

  • Also sometimes lockscreen doesn’t shows UP, flaslight ligts istself up during unlock, and still some compatibility issues in playstore like in

  • I’m using this firmware from France but the french language is not available.
    The battery looks drop very fast, after take a picture with HDR camera app close himself.
    Sorry for my bad english, i’m french student :’)

  • if i try it and have much bugs can i roll back to easy?
    p.s. I just install it and it’s working good. I don’t have problem with app, just like sms, browser, camera, everything working so far so good :) But some times it’s bugged, screed get dark and a few seconds you can’t do anything. So it’s first impression for :)

  • Hmm im still running 3.7.3A, because has german language and Dirac HD sound.
    Battery live is great and i dont really see the need to upgrade beside security issues.

    I bet the booth will be gone if i use this test firmware.

    Proud Meizu M8 (FE), M9 and MX3 CN 16GB owner. :P
    Oh i also got a Xiaomi Redmi Note LTE now ;)

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