Flyme for MX3 [BETA]

Meizu has released a beta version of Flyme 5 for MX3.

Flyme for MX3 announcement

Download link from the official Flyme site

Direct download link - Meizu server

I haven’t tried installing it or tested it yet… Chinese changelog is available in the announcement link.

[Posting it here becase I don’t have access to post to the firmware subforum I think… And I don’t know if anyone might have been following MX3 recently as the development for MX3 seemed to have been at a standstill for a few months…]

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Yes have installed it (did a clean install)… Quite a few interface changes… Worked pretty smooth with simple things…
Haven’t done much testing as the MX3 is no longer my daily driver (the screen broke… Have replaced it only a couple of weeks ago after getting it from china)

I tried it too and havent find any major issue.

Hi guys!

Thanks GreyGhost for the post!
I didn’t find it yesterday so I tried posting one which has not been published :/

For the moment I am glad with this new version, but a lot of things have changed in the settings,
and taking a pic with stock camera and HDR causes a FC:/ and also, it seems that the system is getting slower 24h after install without reboot, even cleaning the memory.

I am a bit disturbed by the change of button shortcuts: pressing home goes back, sliding up leads to homescreen.
It is quite twisted to invert such shortcuts for longtime users… I miss flyme tool to correct that, I didn’t manage to install it on flyme 5 so if you have a way to install it you are welcome to share it!

I am glad with it, to me it seems more polished than which is too crapy to be considered stable. I’d love to have more feedback from you greyghost and Antonin Srnsky, cuz you are among the rare people who still care for our device (save the russians on 4 pda who keep the mx3 topic quite alive)

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Yes… HDR seems to restart the Camera app…
The interface looks much better… The Text To Speech settings are now accessible (so my hack app Setting Extender can be put to rest :P)
I don’t know about performance as I said I’m not using the phone much at the moment…

Yes the swap of home key back gesture irritated me too

As for Flyme Tools… Install the latest version (Flyme 5 has a different version from Flyme 4):
Download FlymeTools - From 4pda Original post
Haven’t tested all the functions but the Home button works fine…

@GreyGhost how did you manage to instal xposed manager please?

home button function swap is actually way to go for me, you just tap to go back i love it.

as far as performance goes its slower than flyme 3 obliviously

but it feels on par with flyme 4 maybe even better

and yes if HDR bug is there, but I dont really use HDR that much.


@Antonin-Srnsky , @Nicky69100

Wrote up a quick guide here: [HOW-TO] Install Xposed on MX3 Flyme 5.6.x

Edit: The Flyme Tools changing home key gestures seems to be not working at times…

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