Pokemon Go not compatible with Meizu M3?

Hi everyone , i just bought Meizu M3 today and i tried to install Pokemon Go , and Google Play Store doesn’t even allow me to download it , it says that my device is not compatible , but the specs of the phone are more than enough to run this app, any ideas? maybe my phone needs to do some updates?

Meizu m2

Might be it is not available in your region.
Try installing from web
i.e apk(apkpure)
It will definitely work

I have the same problem and I live in Greece(where pokemon go has been released). What can I do? Maybe change some settings on the phone?

Strange , it runs perfectly fine on my m3 note.

Meizu MX4 Pro

as @jiteshpoojary said download it from the internet as an .apk and install it

Ok, i bought this cellphone 70% just to play pokemon go too and now i have the same “not compatible” status on playstore. Someone found any solution?
Download the apk doesnt work (get stuck in the loading screen forever) :(

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