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  • Flyme OS test firmware (m2 note)


    • Optimization: The screen brightness automatically adjusts more wit, no longer afraid of spicy eyes.


    • Optimization: camera experience, improve the speed camera, faster than a little bit, used to know.
    • Optimization: camera’s white balance and brightness effects, photo color and brightness more perfect.
    • Fix: some Bluetooth Self-rod probabilistic shoot two issues.


    • ( Yellow Pages under repair) the English language is the state of contact does not pop input method editor.
    • Repair ( yellow) to modify the number of error-correcting bad name, the icon displays an error.


    • Optimization: Off by default “smart identification strange number” open path: Dial-up - Settings - Intelligent Recognition strange number.

    Voice assistant

    • Weather query optimization today weather query function, can accurately find the weather every hour.
    • Optimization: Search by voice into the page, touch mBack return voice assistant APP, you can continue to the next instruction stream.
    • FIX: When you turn on the driving mode, does not show contact picture when playing the voice message.

    Notification bar

    • FIX: After receiving the message unlock, pull down the notification bar, the message is deleted.

    Lock screen

    • Lock screen camera ( optimization) Start speed camera screen lock case, in time to capture the beautiful moments.
    • FIX: Lock screen can not turn off the alarm.
    • Fix: non-lock screen, the lock screen is not performed when the flow of anti inadvertently bright screen.

    Download Manager

    • FIX: Reconnect after abnormal disconnect the network file downloads.

    App Store

    • Fix: download speeds more than 2M when abnormal rate display.

    Flyme OS

    Flyme OS

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  • After installing Flyme OS the play store came up with error code 963… Anyone know how to fix this?

  • @davidgvs try to clear the data of the Play Store and Play Services over the Settings.

    Meizufans on Facebook
    Meizufans on Twitter
    Meizufans on Google+

  • already done that and the error remains

  • same here tried everything i could find. ther was even an article about this specific problem.

    Don't just think. DO!!!

  • same issue as above. Occurred only in on MX5. Tried clearing caches/data; just deleting google account, reinstalling Google stuff with Google installer, etc. Got a df-dla-15 (which was fixed using instructions) then unfixable 907-963 play store errors.

  • How you fixed the df-dla-15 error ?

  • I got error code 963 as well
    Anyone has fixed this?

  • no one fix this problem … only the flyme os devs …

    For flyme OS devs please fix all of this problem …

  • Cannot do anything. Uninstall works, install does not work. Update also does not work.
    Google Play Store downloads the update 2-3-4 times then reports the error.

    The weird thing is that sometimes it shows no progress on the download, but in the status bar there is a downloading tasks pumping data. Then it fails anyway.

    Resetting, clearing cache, data, removing SD, uninstalling and then installing – NOTHING HELPS.

    Meizu devs, please fix ASAP!

  • The latest release fixed this problem however CREATED A NEW ONE.
    Now I CAN update the apps via WIFI, but CANNOT update using the mobile network.

    Internet works on the phone, but the PlayStore permanently sits at Waiting for network… message when I try to update or download an app via the mobile internet.

    Please fix this one too!!!

  • @VALEK when google play say waiting for network, open Download manager app And answer pop-up’s :) every thing work fine…

    its just a funny problem and have funny way to solve :D

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