Flyme OS test firmware (m2 note)


  • Optimization: The screen brightness automatically adjusts more wit, no longer afraid of spicy eyes.


  • Optimization: camera experience, improve the speed camera, faster than a little bit, used to know.
  • Optimization: camera’s white balance and brightness effects, photo color and brightness more perfect.
  • Fix: some Bluetooth Self-rod probabilistic shoot two issues.


  • ( Yellow Pages under repair) the English language is the state of contact does not pop input method editor.
  • Repair ( yellow) to modify the number of error-correcting bad name, the icon displays an error.


  • Optimization: Off by default “smart identification strange number” open path: Dial-up - Settings - Intelligent Recognition strange number.

Voice assistant

  • Weather query optimization today weather query function, can accurately find the weather every hour.
  • Optimization: Search by voice into the page, touch mBack return voice assistant APP, you can continue to the next instruction stream.
  • FIX: When you turn on the driving mode, does not show contact picture when playing the voice message.

Notification bar

  • FIX: After receiving the message unlock, pull down the notification bar, the message is deleted.

Lock screen

  • Lock screen camera ( optimization) Start speed camera screen lock case, in time to capture the beautiful moments.
  • FIX: Lock screen can not turn off the alarm.
  • Fix: non-lock screen, the lock screen is not performed when the flow of anti inadvertently bright screen.

Download Manager

  • FIX: Reconnect after abnormal disconnect the network file downloads.

App Store

  • Fix: download speeds more than 2M when abnormal rate display.

Flyme OS

Flyme OS

After installing Flyme OS the play store came up with error code 963… Anyone know how to fix this?

already done that and the error remains

Meizu Pro 6

same here tried everything i could find. ther was even an article about this specific problem.

same issue as above. Occurred only in on MX5. Tried clearing caches/data; just deleting google account, reinstalling Google stuff with Google installer, etc. Got a df-dla-15 (which was fixed using instructions) then unfixable 907-963 play store errors.

How you fixed the df-dla-15 error ?

I got error code 963 as well
Anyone has fixed this?

Meizu m2 note

no one fix this problem … only the flyme os devs …

For flyme OS devs please fix all of this problem …

Cannot do anything. Uninstall works, install does not work. Update also does not work.
Google Play Store downloads the update 2-3-4 times then reports the error.

The weird thing is that sometimes it shows no progress on the download, but in the status bar there is a downloading tasks pumping data. Then it fails anyway.

Resetting, clearing cache, data, removing SD, uninstalling and then installing – NOTHING HELPS.

Meizu devs, please fix ASAP!

The latest release fixed this problem however CREATED A NEW ONE.
Now I CAN update the apps via WIFI, but CANNOT update using the mobile network.

Internet works on the phone, but the PlayStore permanently sits at Waiting for network… message when I try to update or download an app via the mobile internet.

Please fix this one too!!!

@VALEK when google play say waiting for network, open Download manager app And answer pop-up’s :) every thing work fine…

its just a funny problem and have funny way to solve :D

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