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  • Flyme OS test firmware (Pro 5)


    • Optimization: The screen brightness automatically adjusts more wit, no longer afraid of spicy eyes.


    • Optimization: camera experience, improve the speed camera, faster than a little bit, used to know.
    • Optimization: camera’s white balance and brightness effects, photo color and brightness more perfect.
    • Fix: some Bluetooth Self-rod probabilistic shoot two issues.


    • ( Yellow Pages under repair) the English language is the state of contact does not pop input method editor.
    • Repair ( yellow) to modify the number of error-correcting bad name, the icon displays an error.


    • Optimization: Off by default “smart identification strange number” open path: Dial-up - Settings - Intelligent Recognition strange number.

    Voice assistant

    • Weather query optimization today weather query function, can accurately find the weather every hour.
    • Optimization: Search by voice into the page, touch mBack return voice assistant APP, you can continue to the next instruction stream.
    • FIX: When you turn on the driving mode, does not show contact picture when playing the voice message.

    Notification bar

    • FIX: After receiving the message unlock, pull down the notification bar, the message is deleted.

    Lock screen

    • Lock screen camera ( optimization) Start speed camera screen lock case, in time to capture the beautiful moments.
    • FIX: Lock screen can not turn off the alarm.
    • Fix: non-lock screen, the lock screen is not performed when the flow of anti inadvertently bright screen.

    Download Manager

    • FIX: Reconnect after abnormal disconnect the network file downloads.

    App Store

    • Fix: download speeds more than 2M when abnormal rate display.

    Flyme OS

    Flyme OS

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  • Tired. Back to A after 1 hour ;)


  • Notification bar
    FIX: After receiving the message unlock, pull down the notification bar, the message is deleted.

    finally!! was waiting for this fox for a month

  • Bugs I’ve found are :

    • camera’s app seems to have been improved but it hanged 2 times
    • display seldom flicks without a reason
    • Play Store doens’t update apps, I’ve got always error code 963
    • connecting phone to PC, it seems that PC doesn’t see all the folders on the internal / external memory of the phone, EG on 5 folders, I can see only 2 of them in File Manager

    So, A 's nandroid et voilà :)


  • i confirm play store problems. can’t install or update apps :(

  • I’ve created a porting of fotocamera’s app taken from A and installed it on my previous A. Works like a charm :p


  • I can confirm Play Store problem too. No chance to fix it. Even a reinstall didn’t help.

  • Having issues with missed email notifications which has never happened before. If I uninstall or freeze Security will that fix the issue or will it cause more problems?

  • Wireless display is broken too. How can MEIZU mess with a build form a week to another? Did they even tested?

    Meizu PRO 5 4Gb | ID changed, rooted & running latest G build (beta) + Xposed + TWRP

  • I have a Problemmy Google Playstore doesn’t work after this Update… How can I get back ?

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