Flyme OS stable (m3s)


  • Optimization: Network Performance.
  • Optimization: VoLTE functionality.
  • New: Front camera photo folders independent.
  • FIX: fingerprint identification to unlock the problem of low.
  • FIX: wallpaper download error problem.
  • Fix: Open the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, set up notifications in the status bar and closed “shows the percentage of power”, Bluetooth and WiFi icon overlap problem.
  • FIX: Calendar slip off the notification bar, pop remaining problems.
  • Fix: notes manually position the cursor to hide the title bar after the title bar, title bar edit drop down again, the title is automatically retracted problem.
  • Fix: Traffic Management Plug unusual size, small and not centered and font display problems.


  • Optimization: The camera display.
  • Optimization: slow motion recording mode interface and preview video effects.

Flyme OS
Flyme OS

Flyme OS

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Hi there! I have some issue with my M3s and on it. First and most important, i can’t get Fb messenger notification in any way. All of the settings are turned on, even in the phone as in Messenger, but nothing… I get Gmail, Insta, Viber nots, but no one from messenger. Can u give me some advice?

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