Solution to problems with Pokemon go..
Meizu m2

Pokemon go is only available officially in 3 countries.So some of us are not inside these countries. I write this for them. Most of the problem reported with Pokemon go is due to unofficial apk,some site links or apk mirror. Actually the supporting correct apk is the real problem I think. So download the Pokemon from play store by changing the server via a best vpn service solved my problems. For this download vpn service from play store or this link.
Change sever to USA (I prefer)
Then open play store and download the perfect official apk supporting your phone). U can also check the reviews of those downloaded the game from same meizu devices there. Hope this help you all.Enjoy.

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Meizu m2

Also experts are warning us to use Pokemon go by creating new gmail I’d since the Pokemon company have full access to gmail even to our inbox.

Meizu m2

Gotcha got my favourite pickachu as my first Pokemon after I tried several times.
![alt text](![image url](![image url](0_1468914299028_S60719-121728.jpg image url)))

What firmware are you using?
I’m using the last i version and not working.

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