Meizufans 1st birthday - giveaway inside!

This is the discussion thread for Meizufans 1st birthday - giveaway inside!. Let us know your comments on this subject here!

We are giving away two Meizu EP-21 earphones. Participating is simple; your aim is to collect points. Every bullet point earns you one point. You can collect points by:

  • Replying to this thread.
  • Liking and/or sharing our Facebook post.
  • Retweeting our Twitter post.
  • Gold Members have their amount of points doubled!Remember to send me (HondaRacer) your Facebook and Twitter account details via PM after you fulfill these bullet points!

The contest will end on October 3 (2014) at 23:59 (Amsterdam time) and the winner announcement will be in 24 hours after the contest has ended. Contest standings will be announced after the contest has ended.

Eventual customs or taxes will be paid by winner. We remain the right to disqualify participants from this contest.

Enjoy participating, everybody is welcome!

Happy birthday :D

Keep on going ;)


So bad I can’t take part in this…

Anyway, I think that was the first article I ever wrote on Meizufans.
Hope you guys like it.


Heh, I would love to take part aswell [FACE WITH TEARS OF JOY][WEARY FACE] Good luck people!

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I hope I m the first lucky man .big thanks at Meizu and all people

Next year i wish you to reach 100.000 visitors per month! And of course i wish to win these nice earphones for my mx3 :)

Gratz on your 1st birthday and nice and interesting story !

As for Meizume, yes it was pretty much dead and now it has database error vore quite some time now.
Im glad i found this place.

In case i win the headphones i want to give them to someone that needs em. Can be staff or someone else.
I recently did order 2 pairs from aliexpress for my wife and me and with MX3 and dirac HD sound they really nice.

Have a pair Xiaomi Piston 2 also. They good in use for the M9 but in general they have much bass.
On MX3 they dont sound to well in my opinion. Well they look good but thats kinda it.

Keep up the great work ! This is really a place i view at minimum once a day.


Second keep up ur good walk in forum ^^

and last to bad not a MX4 giveaway :D
but better then nothing hehe


Congrats on the first year!!
Great to hear the story of meizufans!

I love this place… Pretty active and nice people!!


101 likes on Facebook!

Thanks a lot guys [emoji1]

For those who care, currently we have over 30.000 visitors a month and 1.5 Million impressions (views).

many congrats,

support always from me.


That’s awesome, congratulations guys!
Good luck to the participants :)

@‘DooSan’ said:

and last to bad not a MX4 giveaway :D
but better then nothing hehe

If this giveaway gets enough participants, our next giveaway could very well be a MX4 ;)

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