Battery issues

Hi everyone! Over the past month or so I have been noting that my MX4’s battery lasts way less than normal. Now, it runs from 100 to 50% in 7 hours BUT when it reaches 39%, it stays about an hour at 39% and then immediatly goes to 1% and then turns itself off. Apps like Pokemon GO make the battery last 3 hours at the most.

Do you think there’s nothing I can do, or will a firmware re-install solve it? (current firmware is Flyme

I have same issue. Yesterday I got my phone back from reparing and upgraded to Flyme 5. Since that battery life has been worse than ever and it drops drastically when get’s to about 40%. Any tips/ideas to help?

That’s exactly like mine!

Mine’s even worse actually. Screenshot

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I have the same problem. When I turn off the phone with the battery to 100%. In the morning when I turn the phone consumption with the phone off it has been 40% .

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