Meizu MX4 Pro MIUI 7 stable version 6.6.29 (MIUI8 interface)

anybody tried this rom ? (release time : 2016.6.29)
download link

mirror download
password : 1234

flash through custom recovery TWRP or CWM but first it is recommended to flash official and then MIUI


alt text alt text alt text alt text

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No, did u try?

@soranerr0r nope i need to phone at the moment daily and i have settled myself on 4.2.8 kitkat but since this MIUI is based on 4.2.8 it should be good stable rom

p.s i am reading feedback on russian 4pda that it is good rom but probably you will loose the fingerprint scanner because it should only work on official flyme

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If something goes wrong, it’s possible turn back to flyme? Is italian language available?

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@franzjimi i am not sure about italian but english should be there

ofcourse you can go back to flyme
you flash this rom via temporary custom recovery
after restart it goes back to the stock flyme recovery in which you can flash flyme roms

Meizu MX4 Pro

damn id love to try this ROM! sadly i cant download the fw from the site

Meizu MX4 Pro

You can download it on
The Rom is multilingual.
Nothing special but it is OK and Battery friendly. I tried for a week.
This new Version is more adfree in miui Stock Apps.

@AndiRoid77 u tried this ROM ? can u share tuto ?

Meizu MX4 Pro

@AndiRoid77 do i flash the MIUI rom via twrp?
bro can you make simple tut including the needed files please? im having a hard time registering account in

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@NothingToWorry yes flash with any custom recovery TWRP or CWM
i recommend TWRP

the easiest way to instal custom recovery is with an app that somebody made , you just need to have root (i had problems with default root) but if you have supersu it will definitelly install the TWRP recovery

mirror download link added
first link works too you just click on the button next to the blue button where it says 606M

if you ask me i think this ROM is a lot better than the buggy Flyme 5 because its base is on 4.2.8 and it has HIFI audio settings

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Meizu MX4 Pro

@soranerr0r u can install it this way

u have to go back to first

if u download the zip from 4Pda (mirror link first post) unzip first on Desktop Passwort = 1234

@AndiRoid77 why would he need to go to
as long as you enter custom recovery doesnt matter which firmware you are on everything gets replaced

i think you need 4.2.8. becsuse it’s not a clear miui but a port based on 4.2.8

looks like it
i saw even the author recommends this

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