Pokemon Go

Hi from Paris everybody!
I’m on Meizu Mx3 (I really like Meizu, since my M6 Meizu media player ♥)
As my boyfriend, my friends, my colleagues and all the world I wanted to play Pokemon go!!
But when I tried to install the APK I had these message:
Parse error: There was an error parsing the package.
I was on Flyme 3.6.1
So I decide to update on Flyme (i=international)
And I think Android is now on KitKat 4.4
Then I reinstall Pokemon go APK and it works!!! :dancer_tone1:
The only problem I had was that I can’t change theme but I found the solution just changing the timezone to Beinjing \o/
Have fun!

How did you update your Flyme? everytime i attempt to i get errors.

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