Meizu MX4 Pro, turning off by itself

Hello everyone.

I’ve bought an MX4 Pro a couple of months ago from AliExpress.

There were problems with the delivery, as in it took too long, but that’s beside the point.

Since then I’m having constant problems with the device. I’ll list them below. I’d appreciate some help on items 3 and 4.

  1. There was a problem with the battery charge indicator - it was stuck at 50% and was not moving beyond that point despite being used or being recharged. I took it to the nearest phone repair service, where they told me that there was a problem in the phone’s power supply and they fixed it. Since then the charge indicator worked fine.

  2. The battery in the phone was deformed and swollen. It was even bulging through the back cover of the phone. An obvious problem and a potential hazard. I’ve replaced the battery since then.

  3. The main problem that still persists. Despite the power supply being allegedly fixed and a battery being replaced, the phone will sometimes just turn off by itself. I don’t even notice it, because it might just be lying on my nightstand while I’m sleeping or just rest in my pocket. I have to turn the phone on again and hope that no one tried to contact me during the half an hour that the phone was turned off. After being turned on there doesn’t seem to be a problem, up until it turns off by itself again.
    No amount of rebooting, resetting or firmware re-flashing helps (see item 5).

  4. I usually keep my 3G-network turned off to save battery power. When I turn it on and begin to actively use it, the phone’s network connection might sometimes just die. As in, the network indicator becomes faded out (like if the Airplane mode is turned on) and I cannot get it working again until I just reboot the phone. Very annoying. Maybe there’s something overheating inside?

  5. The phone I bought was a Chinese version, with the “…A” firmware. I’ve flashed an international firmware since then.

  6. Finally, the phone is obviously a used one. As in, the seller from Aliexpress re-sold me a fixed phone. A simple proof is on the photo below, with the mangled innards.



where they told me that there was a problem in the phone’s power supply

Lie. This also happened to me with a MX3 once, just like with the Pro 5. The issue is a rather badly calibrated battery.
It is best, if you reboot the device. Because as you can see from 2), the battery was overcharged.

But, it could also be a defect battery controller, which did not kicked in to prevent the overcharging.

Here is what I would do.
Buy a new:

I have linked to AliExpress, because they usually have the most replacements.

In worst case this might not help, then it is likely that the mainboard was damaged due to the overload.

Well, as I said I’ve already bought a new Battery and replaced it.

And I don’t think the USB port is in any way relevant to my problem with the phone turning off by itself.

So one only think left is a damaged mobo, which is bad

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