Old Flyme (4.5.5A) to newest & best backup strategy

Hey guys,

so my life has been super crazy and for many months I haven’t even considered updating my meizu mx4. It turns out the craze has stopped for a bit and I want to get back on the horse and start updating my flyme again.

I currently have the 4.5.5A version and I would like to install the latest ( I think). I used to have the I version when I bought the phone, but switched to the A version because I versions were taking way too long. Has that changed now? I saw they have released a G version now, is that the same as the old I version?

Should I keep with the A version or should I go with the G? And can I just update it from the one I have now or do I need to downgrade first?

Also, I don’t have a backup strategy. I would like to be able to flash the new flyme versions easily and keeping my files and apps. Is creating a flyme account and backing up through there my best option? Or should I consider another app?

Thanks for help guys!


There is no Flyme OS available for the MX4. The latest G firmware you can use is

I personally would stick with the A firmware as explained here.
You can upgrade from whichever firmware you won’t, unless it is a TCCM device, then you need to downgrade to Flyme 4.0.4 if I remember it correctly.
Be sure to wipe user data during the upgrade as you are upgrading between Flyme 4 and 5, this will be required.

No need to backup your personal files by the way. The upgrade will not delete whats on the storage. To backup your apps look on the Google Play Store for a tool, which will save the APK’s on the device.

Forget about Flyme backups though, downloading and uploading from China takes ages.

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Hey Rey,

thanks for the tips! But how do I know if my phone is a TCCM device or not? I tried googling with no luck.
I think I will keep the A version, it’s also easier since I already have it…

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