Install Ubuntu on Meizu Pro 5


I am trying to follow this guide

However I am stuck on step 1

When I open SuperSU I get the message “The SU binary needs to be updated. Continue ?” After I click Continue I get the message “Installation failed !”

When I open BusyBox I can see, Latest BusyBox: v1.24.2-meefix, Installed BusyBox: v1.13.1. I click Install but get the message “Require superuser privileges (root)” even tho root permissions are set to Allow.

I notice my Build number:Flyme OS 84.5.4A looks different to others on this thread. My Meizu Pro 5 is the 64 GB, 4 GB RAM version.


@cheeha Try a supersu from the playstore.
if that doesn’t work upgrade to the latest flymeos with clear data and try again.

Important is that you proper remove your current SuperSu version, it not it might block itself or other rooting apps.
Open the SuperSu app installed and uninstall it from the menu.

Or as another way, but be careful with such.
-> Unlock the phone flash twrp and root it with an adb sideload

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@cheeha any news ?please share you’re results.
Thank you

It works
Is a little bit of packing und unpacking and repacking but it works

my next question is whether the bootloader from ubuntu-touch is going to work on SMDK MEIZU PRO 5 without damaging it
I did f****d 1 phone

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Thanks I was able to change region after updating to 5.1.3a from then installing Google Play after following the instructions on

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