Pokemon Go - Secure download

It came to my attention that there are several versions of the game filled with viruses.
Therefore and due to the fact that we also want to test C14 from Online.net, we are providing a virus free version distributed through a high speed server network.
To ensure the security of the APK file we first check it locally and then once more with Sophos and VirusTotal.

Enjoy the game, but please be careful as there has been a recent death incident. Stay safe!

Pokemon Go 0.29.2 powered by C14
Pokemon Go 0.29.2

Viruses detected:

P.S.: Also do not forget to give us some feedback on C14. This test is essential for a further improvement of the firmware archive.

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I try to play to pokemon GO on my MX5, I installed Pokemon with APK Installer, I entered my Age and choose Google, the app load without success but without fail just continue to load…
I have enable data on 4G first and the location info…

The notification GPS signal no found stay on top of my screen… What I have miss for play to Pokemon GO ?


@Lammeur Check this guide out.

You’ll simply need to enable location access in Security app.

@samanen I don t have google store service… I m on on my MX5 without the play store…


@Lammeur Well, it’s no surprise it doesn’t work - install Google Services first. :smirk:

Meizu m2

@samanen Is this game available on American play store servers?

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