PRO6 from China

So I bought a new PRO6 from China, but I cannot use internet( I am H20 SIM card user which should be ok), is there anything I need to do with this cellphone? I have already installed google framework.

I have same problem,it is in firmware.
But no hope for us right now.W e invest in bad stock.

Meizu Pro 6

@bhajdic Check that the internet APN settings match your operator. If not, then correct the APN.

This is a common reason for failed cellular internet connection on Meizu phones. It seems that Meizu don’t have up-to-date APN settings for all operators.

@generationally No unfortunally,
problem is not in the APN settings.I check all.Problem is in chinese version of the firmware and bug in it.After I swich to mobile data the network indicator and signal streinth blinks,and there no connection and you cant make call then.When I switch off mobile data then I can make calls.Internet working on Wi-Fi normally.
Model:Pro 6.Flyme,GSM Baseband:MOLY.LR11.W1539.MD.M-P.V12.2.P36,2016/03/29 14:59

Is it possible to report “bug” to MEIZU manifacturer?Does anybody know that place?

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