[ROM] MOKEE 6.0.1 for MX4 Pro

testmarkest posted a new custom rom for MX4 Pro. I don’t understand spanish, but just used Google Translate. I’ll just leave the source here in case anyone wanted it.

Anyone knows if this is just a rip off of Tatsuyuki Ishi’s work?


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@Rey But the camera didn’t work on omnirom 6.0, but it does on this? Can it be extended development of that?


@mikael2933 it could be as @Tatsuyuki-Ishi released the sources back then.
However, the camera should actually work on Omni.

@doublestrike said in [DEV]OmniROM for MX4 Pro:

@Nicola-Gobber said in [DEV]OmniROM for MX4 Pro:

why can’t i use camera ?

Because the camera still can’t be used even on the last version although it is written “It works” ;)

@Tatsuyuki-Ishi said in [DEV]OmniROM for MX4 Pro:

Try that 6.0 - only camera is broken.
(Fingerprint is not on the plan now)

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