• Details ( New) Contact “position” information.
  • ( New shortcut) Press the call log copy number.


  • ( New notes) sync notes.
  • New record Press and highlight text and annotation support.
  • Cheap ( New) half of the zone, zone and other special triple module.
  • Limit free ( new) smooth read this week, limited free classics, popular serial, Wishing Wall and other free module.

Power Wizard

  • Wizard ( new) language settings, network settings and account registration login page Flyme.

Notification bar

  • FIX: After connecting Bluetooth devices notification bar status display inaccurate.

Status Bar

  • FIX: momentary switch data traffic, real-time network rate notification bar display inaccurate.
  • FIX: connection status bar icon sizes around Bluetooth devices.

File Management

  • Contents (video classification) increased QQ and micro-channel small video catalog.

Flyme OS

Flyme OS

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