Would M2 get Android 6?

I would really love to have the newest version of Android on the M2. Any news on whether this would happen?

Glad to hear, much thanks.

Meizu Pro 5

@Franky-Mer But, How they update weekly OS Beta on Tuesday instead of upgrade to latest Android firmware, I think they waste the time.
Android was jumping and running, but Meizu still crawl in their place.
Very SAD…!!!

I agree, it takes so long. We need security updates faster.


To be honest this is pretty typical for Meizu. It took them almost 1 month to fix the Stagefright exploit.

Meizu m2

They are bringing beta week after week as they are checking android naugat with flyme5 ROM.
They are not wasting there time they are fine tuning so we can experience android naugat.::::::
:::Spoiler text:::

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