Please help

I’m using an app which is provided from my telephony company which allows you to make and receive calls from your stable line through Internet (cyta4u)
The problem is that this app works fine with WiFi but doesn’t with data. It’s certainly meizu problem because on my cube tablet it works with data.
I think that sth in meizu firmware prevents this app with data
I tried everything from security but with no luck
Any suggestions?


Tell us about your firmware version please.
Did you also checked your APN Settings? stable G
What should I check on apn settings exactly? I don’t know


@alabalas simply check if they are the same as the provider ones.
Additionally you maybe want to give the A firmwares a try maybe.

The provider of my mobile phone is irrelevant with the one of my stable line. I simple use the data of my mobile phone to connect with the app of my stable line.
Sorry if I can’t make you understand better.
Also as I read many xiaomi and huawei users faced this problem.
If only I could find an app to give permission to this apk to run with data

I’ve installed the latest A firmware but nothing at all

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