Pepsi P1S is cheapest full HD 5.5 inch phone

I came across this new listing on Gearbest. Currenly this phone is the cheapest “flagship” imo. Pricing below $100 it beats all other listings in its spec category.

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@Franky-Mer buying a phoen below 100$ is not good.

for 170$ you could get the best bargain ever a Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro -> It’s as powerful as a Meizu Pro 5 or similar.

For 120$ you can get a Xiaomi MI4 with a SD 801 inside

and so on… .the list is long, it’s better to go for quality over cheap shit.


This device wasn’t even released yet and is funded by crowdfunding.
Price: +190€


@Rey haha looks like a bug at gearbest then :D


The specs are quite good but I agree that other brands have a proven update reputation (Like Xiaomi you mentioned). I would also pay more for software support. At the moment who knows if the Pepsi phone would get Android 6.


@Franky-Mer There are better brands then Xiaomi, but XIaomi is the cheapest; It’s hard to compete with the XIaomi prices… Quality is something different. :P

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