3d touch/theme app

Is there any way where i can use the 3d touch in third-party apps?
And how can i add the theme app to my pro 6?


@Ron-Smirnov No you can not use it for 3rd party apps.

Until Android N comes out there will be no 3d touch for Android.

Sad news, as Meizu does things different, mostlikely 3rd party apps won´t support the Pro 6 later anyway. But this will be a problem for the future.

Don´t buy a Pro 6 if you want to use 3d touch, that feature is useless.

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I have the pro 6, thats why im asking


@Ron-Smirnov Yes, got that part.

The problem is that Meizu does not take Android serious. They are a bit stupid in China, when it comes to Google.

And so Meizu dreams that people will make apps for the very special Meizu-3d touch -> what won’t happen ever.
Best is to wait for Android N to support 3d touch and then get a phone with it.

However that doesn’t help you. :(

You can hope for the flyme-tools what’s an xposed frame-work to do some magic, but other then this I don’t know what you could do with the Meizu-3d touch for Android Apps.

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