Bad battery life

Sorry for my poor English!

I get my new pro 5, it’s a great phone!

I update to 5.1.6G but downgrade to 5.1.5G to get root access (clean downgrade).

But the fact is I have a really bad battery life. I keep looking for 3 days, and today, I lost 70% of battery in 4 hours, with some Web surfing, and deezer (offline) during 3 hours… I don’t think deezer used 70%… (but maybe!).

My question is : what can I do in order to have a better battery life (I’ve already deleted apps)? Flash a new kernel? Change the version? Change the way I use my phone? Maybe I missed something important!


Meizu Pro 5

What sort of screen on time are you getting?

@aleygues Maybe you want to upgrade even further belong to which I believe is the most stable firmware that Meizu have released (Not including 4.5.4 and under)
Talking about deleting apps, I’m thinking of doing a little guide for TB on which apps can be deleted and what does what, but from that, you might get +3% at the end of the day
Flashing kernel? Tell Meizu to make it easier to developers. There is actually a kernel out there, but the developer told me that he gave up (as well as the developers from CM12.1 for the PRO 5) That kernel is totally usable, but it won’t give much better results from the stock one. So the best you can do is to flash the Kernel from a firmware version that actually had good battery life (If you want I can provide you that zip file) I’m of course assuming that you have TWRP as recovery
So yeah, pretty much try to downgrade doing it clean and see how it goes

Thank you for the answers!

@dankeogh what do you mean by “sort of screen”?

@Asiier I preferred to upgrade to 5.1.6G in order to solve this problem of battery. It does, but in fact, no root (so BT etc). But the battery life is really better (1 day with deezer on Bluetooth and wake during 5 hours).

I didn’t know for kernels, was asking because I found the kernel of a previous version on the forum! If it doesn’t save a lot of battery, I won’t flash it!

Do you think 5.1.3G is better (user experience and battery life) than 5.1.6G ?

Finally, I tried to root the 5.1.6 with TWRP, but unsuccessful, not able to install TWRP because not able to unlock my bootloader (fastboot didn’t work, didn’t found any solution on Google for it :(), if somebody is available to help me on this point, it would be great hehe!

Final question : I found “cloud service” app drains a lot of battery, what is this app?

Thanks a lot!

@aleygues Check the XDA Forum for all the information about TWRP, unlocking bootloader ect

I belive that is more stable that and that means smoother and better battery

And you can uninstall Cloud service is safe, it’s like Google Play service and Google Drive at the same time, but useless pretty much

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