Serious CPU overheating and battery problem

Hello guys, as you can read above I am facing two usses with my Meizu MX4 Pro.

The first issue is the extemly fast battery drain… Yes im that kind of people who used his phone a lot but at the beginning this wansnt an issue at all. Now I have to charge it atleast 2-4 times a day which isnt normal, really.

The other thing which is even MORE annoying is that the CPU overheats really really really fast. Using chrome for 10 Minuten makes me feel that im Holding fire in my hands… You know what I mean…
And at some point when its hot the phone starts to lag and thats the most annoying part of it. In fact i cant use my phone for more than 10-20 minutes in a row because its getting hot its lagging and the battery is draining as fast as Usain Bolt runs…

My question is is there any way to fix any of these Problems ? Will reinstalling the firmware fix this issues? Wondering if im the only one with this problems…

Im currently using Flyme Beta

Thank you for reading guys !

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it is flyme 5
flash flyme 4.2 or 4.5 and you will double your battery life and phone wont overheat

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