Pokemon go

Where can i download the app? I tried on official site but says that it is not available on my device…

@glava11 Open the Meizu Appstore and download it from there


@glava11 It’s not release for all countires yet.

I tried it on my Mi5 and on my girlfriends 100% pure stock Google-Android phone.

Both can’t install it. The later phone writes. “Not available in your country”.

for those who are complaining "it is not available in my country"
it is not yet formally released in Japan.
I downloaded from Meizu app store and it became playable since yesterday afternoon here in Japan.

I want to play too at PokemonGO but I have a probleme of GPS no found…
My meizu is on and I have a french mobile operator, Orange network.
I have put on my network data and I have to test on my wifi
I see on the web that it has problem with the fictives positions…

Meizu m2

@Lammeur It’s not problem of firmware.Fistly check the Google Map whether gps is connected well and play the game while behind roads and shortcuts or any public spots not home. U can easily find Pokemon’s on pathways. I’m easily playing right now in India.

Ok ok thank i go to check this on my street, yesterday i test to play again when was in a party, I always had GPS Signal no found but this time I reach on Screen of Server full, i think that is also a outset for play at PokemonGo

@Rey I could install Pokemon Go with or without APK Installer ?
I tried on my street to play but without success to enter the game because it stay on loading after to press “Google”.

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@Lammeur you definitely need to use the Google Installer first and install the Services, before you’ll be able to play the game.

thank you but the game but when i capture a pokemon… when the pokeball vibrate on my game the pokeball don t vibrate and the game freeze…

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