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  • How does Pokemon Go perform on Meizu M3 Note?

    Im buying this phone just to play this game. Can someone tell how good Pokemon Go performs on this phone/flyme os?

  • @Gunni There are phones with a more powerful SoC (better to play games) for the same money.

    If you want to play games head for a phone with a Snapdragon inside like the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro.

    You get it for 180$, and have performance equal to a Meizu Pro 5 (speaking in the Meizu world). Also the SD 650 outperforms the Meizu Pro 6, when it comes to SoC power and gaming performance.

    Price list for the Redmi Note 3 Pro :

    Xiaomi Mi5 Basic

  • @Gunni did you bought it? Now pokemon go runs? Im interested too :D

  • @Ilhan-Ryssaliev The M3 Note runs Pokémon Go perfectly. Bettery is holding up well for me 2 weeks in. I get 6 -8 hours of play between charges (for now).

    It’s a great phone if your not interested in rooting / mods.

  • It’s good to play pokemon GO.
    I get 6-7 hours gameplay time with the awesome battery BUT i turned of AR (augmented reality) in the pokemon game.
    Really happy with this phone

  • Hi guys Pokemon go is not working on my meziu m3 note it as showing “not suitable”

  • Can anyone soule this

  • pokemon go doesn’t work on m3 series (and probably others) as safenet doesn’t recognize these phone models.
    until meizu can formally distribute GMS (google mobile services) I don’t believe pokemon go will work again :(

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