From a PRO 5 to a One Plus 3

As some of you guys know I did sell my PRO 5 and bought a One Plus 3
Have been a week since I have my OP3 and my overall opinion about the phone is a 10 out of 10, well maybe a 9, the things is that it’s just a great device
But, is worth to changing a Meizu PRO 5 for a One Plus 3?

The quick answer is YES

The long answer:

  • You gotta understand that both of this devices are great phones in terms of hardware, you might like better the camera of one of them or the processor of the other. Where we really find some difference are in terms of software, where I personally believe, the OP3 is really supirior.
    • Why is this? PRO 5 have FlymesOS which we all love. But maybe someone that doesn’t love Flyme would like to change the ROM (Someone out his mind probably :joy:) Well surprise, surprise. You cannot, the development for this phone is absolutely shit, we need to use bug from a filtration to unlock the fucking bootloader. Sounds like a joke
      But of course, If you don’t mind that, this might not be a good reason. I like Flyme but I like Flyme with no bugs and since that is not possible, I don’t like Flyme
    • On my OP3 it took me 2 hours for unlocking my bootloader, installing a custom recovery, changing my ROM and Kernel, since OP3 have already 10 different ROMs and 3 Kernels out there
  • The performance is pretty much the same, both of them will perform absolutely great, OP3 have better score on Antutu since the Snapdragon 820 is newer
  • Battery life, here you may say that the PRO 5 wins, well, yes and no
    I have had enough time for fully test battery life on the OP3 but I can tell that for a standard user both of the phones will fulfill their expectations on that section
    Although, one more time thanks to the development of the OP3 you could get better battery life by changing the ROM and Kernel, in the PRO 5 this is not possible and the Flyme’s kernel is really messed up
  • Camera, more mega pixels ≠ better quality OP3 wins here
  • Notifications, Flyme fucks up notifications, OxygenOS (or another ROM) doesn’t
  • Looking, both are really similar, but I personally prefer the OP3
  • Fingerprint sensor, pretty much the same, maybe OP3’s better

If you can sell your PRO 5 for a good price, I’d recommend you the change since the One Plus 3 is superior in pretty much everything

I might add more stuff to the post

@Asiier Now the most important things :D how does it sound ?
Do you percieve any variation in the sound quality ? And for the screen seems a lot of review said that’s really bad what do you think ?

Meizu Pro 5

No slot sd, not for le. But thanks for feedback 👍

Thanks for your feedback, I want to change my Pro5 too. I lost patience with all Flyme bugs and Meizu policy.
I’m looking around for a device which is more compatible with google framework: how is OP3 from this point of view?

@Vympel Out of the box the PRO 5 sounds better thanks to HiFi Sound but because HiFi sound you are not able to install any sounds mod like V4A, Divine Beats …
In the OP3 you can install all the audio mod that you can imagine, so, with the proper configuration the OP3 will sound much better

@maxant69 OP3 have OxygenOS which has 100% google framework implementation
Is like stock android but with a couple more useful features and If you don’t like it, you can always install another ROM :)


@Asiier this quote:

I like Flyme but I like Flyme with no bugs, and since that is not possible, I don’t like Flyme

so good :D

Big megapixel cameras have more disadvantages for daily use then advantages! But people sadly always go for more pixels … stupid.

@Ultrametric Actually the camera of the pro 5 is pretty decent in good light condition it’s performing with the S6/S7
more pixel = more detail

@Asiier Yeah the divine mod is outstanding but to say that it will sound much better it’s not so true :D

@Vympel I actually use this audio mod
And can tell you that is better than other audio mod I have ever tried, including Hi-Fi sound


@Vympel yes, more mega pixel are better in prefect light. Sadly you don’t have this all day long, It’s not a daily use case.

When to use a big pixel camera:

  • macro shots
  • landscape scenes with perfect light

in general big pixels depend upon big light.

And now let’s talk about daily use:
Q: How often do you have a studio setup with you?
Q: How often do you make pictures with your phone under perfect light.

The answer to all of those: Never

Conclusion of this:
When you make studio light pictures and or macro -> do it with a nice camera.
The Pro 5 is too weak to compete with a DSLR camera.

So why does Meizu put it in the phone? B/c people trust in big numbers, the bigger the better. What’s stupid.

For overall performance phones with max. 16Mpx are better!

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Good luck with new little monster man :p

@Asiier said in From a PRO 5 to a One Plus 3:

@maxant69 OP3 have OxygenOS which has 100% google framework implementation
Is like stock android but with a couple more useful features and If you don’t like it, you can always install another ROM :)

In the end I decided to go with a Nexus 6P as the discounted price is lower than OP3 and I need maximum compatibility with google services.

@maxant69 Still a really great choice

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