Discharge Battery M2 Mini


A few days ago I noticed that my battery began to discharge more rapidly. Even if your offline just sit over night may unload some 7% . When I stop phone, I close all applications. I did a factory reset , and no change.

What could be the problem?

2 possibility

  • Software issue (upgrade or downgrade on another version)
  • Battery is dead (how much times do you have the phone ? )
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I have it for about 4-5 months

Meizu m2

@vasy.official When you bought the phone did you use it until 0% the leave it on charge about 15 hours

Meizu m2

@vasy.official I have phone 3 weeks, example i charge phone on monday morning, i am teenager i have lot of apps (fb, wapp, viber, instagram, snap, ytb, chrome, twitch, meizufans, few games, skype etc.) and battery lasts until tuesday afternoon/evening, do you use ur phone while its on charge, that destroyes battery, and do you put ur phone on charge while its 50%, example if u go out late but ur phone is 25-40%, biggest battery drain apps are whatsapp, messenger, skype…apps that are running in background and that do lot of job… my battery went from 82% to 79% while i was writing this bcs meizufans app uses about 300mb ram and i am outside on full brightness. EDIT: +WIFI

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Crackit0 : When you bought the phone did you use it until 0% the leave it on charge about 15 hours

No, I did not do this.

Well yes, I use applications like Facebook, instant messenger and more.
If it because of the software, what can I do?

@vasy.official Try to download an app from google play to calibrate the battery
For the use of apps you can’t do much expect to kill the process
In settings>other accounts try to have as less app who sync as possible (i have mails , whatsap , twitter and soundcloud)

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