Root for Yunos

I’m on the beta Yunos,
I would like to install the root.
Anyone know the method?
Thank you

same problem, with kingroot is not rooted…

Iam on right now. Success flashing with Kingo Root.

I am on the same , try few times with King root, no root …how did you?

I was able to root with Kingroot but for for Kingroot reports No strategy.

Btw, M2 Mini has no Fingerprint hence all the totorials to use Settings/Fingerprint are useless.
Also, although is A version, I don’t see any Open Root option or so.

How to Root it?

It was able to root my M2 with Shuame (search it!) Root Genius.
After that with method 1 you can change your firmware. [Guide] How to install (I) International firmware on your Chinese-mainland Meizu.

Thanks, but I actually rooted by Kingoroot (not Kingroot) app, latest v3.2. At first it failed, retry succeeded. Then installed SuperSU, updated its binaries Normal way, and uninstalled Kingoroot and its SuperUser (and some its Baterry Saver or so).

And I"ve changed ID long ago, been to I and G but I rather like flyme 5 A (eg Music downloading), I just freeze unwonted Chineese garbage

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