M1 Note Battery Problems

I’m currently on beta and I’ve been having this problem since the past 2-3 updates. I’m not sure if the updates have caused this problem or if it’s a hardware issue. The problem is that the battery indicator sometimes freezes at a certain battery percentage for some time, say 91% or 71% or just about any other number greater than 50 (In my experience). After that, it suddenly drops about 25-40% down to the 20’s and then I can actually see the battery indicator going down every second! 26…25…24…23…22…21…0. Then the phone dies.

I’m not sure if this is pertinent but my screen has a very narrow but 2.5 cm long yellow (burn in?) line/elongated spot on the top left side of my screen, since the past 3 weeks. In a couple months, it’ll be a year since I’ve had this phone. I really don’t want to switch phones so soon, especially since I was more than happy with the M1 Note and didn’t want to switch anytime soon at all (the notification issue is the only pain, but I can manage). I hope one of you could figure something out!

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It seems that your battery is dead try to downgrade to the version where all were fine and see if the problem remain.
I haved the same issue with my Mi4 after 2 years and other phone too in my case the battery have a little growth
For your yellow line i don’t know maybe it can be related to it but i’am sure for nothing

Edit : After 1 year it’s strange that the battery is dying … try to downgrade ,or do a calibration of the battery and see what happen
seems more like a software issue cause there are people with other model that have the same issue

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