Battery life

I know that one of the things why Meizu phones are know is because of their battery life, but in my case it’s different. I have the MX5 for almost a year ago, The point is that I have to charge my phone every day, and I don’t use it a lot. I don’t do more than 3 screen hours in a day, so I’m disappointed. I don’t know what to do to improve that so, what do you recommed to me?

Best regards

@niquet It can be a software issue as for the Pro 5 for example seems the economy mode is bugging and draining more than the balance mode.
First check in the MX5 thread firmware if someone didn’t have some issue too maybe a downgrade or an upgrade of the firmware will fix it …
Second check if you don’t have app who are in background and draining your battery ( facebook , twitter etc due to their sync are consuming a lot of battery ) kill regulary app in background may help
Also look which app can acces to the gps if there are useless app disable the right to it may help

Hope it will help you a little :)

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