Message "Don´t cover the top of the phone when unlock"

Hi there

Since updating to the latest firmware 3.8.1a i´m getting this annoying message a lot when unlocking the phone, which is annoying because it happens even when the phone is “naked”, without the battery cover, it is totally random.

The only way to fix it is by restarting.

I thnk i will reinstall the firmware again, but i would like to know if anyone has this same issue, and also, if you guys know, where is the supposed sensor that activates this “security” thing.


The sensor is located on the right side of the speaker/earpiece on the front - like between speaker and front camera. The place is demonstrated in the error message picture.

Do you have a screen protector applied? I started getting this message after applying one and having some dust or finger over the proximity sensor, but it never pops up with no reason for me.

Also please try reinstalling the firmware. It really is a special magic trick when it comes to Meizu phones.

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I get this when I cover the front screen when unlocking, yes.


I believe it is one of those ‘don’t unlock when in pocket’ features…

I don´t know why…but suddenly it´s gone.

By the way, it happened on factory unlock screen, i´m now on the LG Optimus Unlock app and it´s fine.

Weird stuff.


Yeah its only part of the Flyme lockscreen - of course you can avoid it by disabling it. But it shouldnt happen for no reason.

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I am using MX4, same problem occurs.

My MX4 is totaly naked, no cover no case.

Only way to fix is restarting.

Looks like flyme bug something…

Same here, I have has this a couple of times on a naked MX4. Restart does the trick


I also had this once on my MX3. I just swiped over the top of the phone and it was gone. Maybe some dust or whatever was on it.

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