Images of a Xiaomi MacBook clone appear online - "Mi NoteBook" coming?

Xiaomi already sells Smartphones, Tablets, Smart TV’s, Smart Home & Health Care products, Self-balanced scooters and such, but what’s been a long-awaited rumor after Mi Pad product launch is the company’s possible dive into the business of laptops and personal computers. Finally the first “leak” pictures have arrived and have hit the web in an unexpected way.

Xiaomi Notebook leak pic meizufans europe

Not necessary to even point it out, but it can’t be emphasized excessively - it’s a 1:1 to a MacBook Pro Aluminium Unibody in terms of design. The lid opening size and placement - just as the device’s material, dimensions and shape seem identical as far as we can judge from the low-quality picture provided above. The only difference seems the logo on the top - which has been replaced with the “Mi”-logo of Xiaomi. This leads us to multiple speculations: it might be a simple early stage prototype of their upcoming device, or an actual “inventory leak” (of a China-only product possibly) considering that there’s a Xioami-branded retail box underneath the device. A product having such a finished look and a retail box and everything should design-wise be very close to release, however - which could mean the image is just a photoshopped trick image, too.

Whatever it is, there has been discussion about the “Mi NoteBook” and it’s release for ages - and at least now the rumor’s can’t be buried anymore. According to the report it will come in two models: one with a 12,5" screen panel and the other with 15" - both (of course) running Windows 10. Xiaomi’s having a press conference event later this month in which the device is rumored to be released (otherwise September at last), so we’ll keep looking forward whether the rumors turn out “genuine” or not. What do you really think - can their next device really look like a such a piece of anti-innovation?


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I don’t think it will look like this … at least i hope so … the macbook design aren’t so good I prefer the zenbook to be honest
but that’s my taste …
But despite the design i am really curious what hardware will be inside and if the build quality will be enough
if they make a good ultrabook with great hardware but who’s absolutely not durable like they did with the mi 5 series who’s literally a cracker it will be worthless


@Vympel Yeah I wish it wouldn’t look like this either. And if it does, it will definitely not be sold directly in Europe or Xiaomi is in trouble.

I myself am expecting a more portable solution as well - a little like ZenBook, Yoga, or the new 12" MacBook. Certainly excited to see the specs one day, too.

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